How do I get the information screen to shut off?

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I'm going nuts trying to figure out how to take off the information screen that shows up while I take photos and view photos. My photo shows up real tiny on the left corner with a graph on the right and tall the info below. I have no idea what button I hit to make this appear and now I want to get rid of it. It's been like this for days because I keep hitting buttons trying to get it to go away. It looks like this:



  • Hi Michelle,

    Once you preview images and it shows like that, use the up and down arrows on the wheel to cycle through until you get the full image.

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    There's a menu selection in the preview menu in which you can check and uncheck various display options. The default with all boxes unchecked has a fairly large image with some information on the bottom, but if you want the biggest, least informative image check the "none" image only box. As @rappadappa77 says, you then use the up and down arrows to pick which of the options appears. This will remain your default image until you up/down again.

    I do recommend that you keep the information screen, because the histogram can be a powerful help in getting your exposure just right. You might also consider the "highlights" screen, sometimes known as the 'blinkies', which shows blown highlights as flashing areas. You can keep these enabled and get them with the up/down arrows as required.
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    Thank you both. Howard that was it. I knew it was an easy fix but for some reason I didn't hit that button. Bruto, I just like a clean screen when I shoot. Right now I have the image showing with just 2 small lines of info underneath. Not sure though how to get the biggest least informative screen option. I went to menu and see Playback, Shooting, Setup, Retouch and Recent Settings. Do I want the display to get that biggest screen you mention? The auto info is set to off on the setup menu.
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    You want the playback menu. Highlight "Playback Display Options" and hit [OK]. The next screen will have two items on it, Highlight "Additional Photo Info" and hit the right arrow key. This should put you in a screen with five lines you can check. You can toggle the check box with either [OK] or the right arrow key. "None" is the one you want for a pure full screen image. When you have checked and unchecked the options you want, make sure you go up to the top and highlight "Done" and click the [OK].

    The "auto info" option in the setup menu determines whether pressing the shutter button will show the shooting information screen or not. With it off, after you have take a picture the info will not appear unless you push the "info" button. With it on, pressing the shutter down halfway will make it appear again.

    This and the "image review" option in the playback menu can be changed to save some battery power, and perhaps also occasionally for privacy by making your camera light up less.
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