Flash will not pop up

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No matter what I do the built in flash will not pop up. No matter how dark it will not pop up for filling in back light or shadows. Tried changing flash setting using the "I" button, but no change. What can I do?


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    Do you mean that if you push the flash button (the one above the function button on the front) the flash will still not pop up? If it does not pop up manually, then something is mechanically wrong.

    The flash must be manually popped up in P, S, A and M modes, and also in Sports and Scenery modes. If you hold the button down, it also lights the flash icon in the display and you can use the wheel to change flash modes the same as you would in the [i] menu.
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    Indeed the issue is mechanical. I'll have to send it in for repair/adjustment. First issue with a 4 year old camera. Thank you for your reply.
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