Shutter problems

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I only have a pop up flash, and I was trying to take outdoor pictures in the evening, when the shutter refused to do anything. Was it too dark? It also happened twice during the day. Please tell me what the problem might be.


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    @johann, probably too dark for autofocus. The camera works on focus priority, which means it will not fire if focus is not found. If it is very dark you may have to switch to manual focus (the switch on the lens is enough, and you don't need to go into the camera menus) to get it to fire.

    It will also fail to focus sometimes in the light if the focus point is aimed at something featureless like the sky. Make sure your focus point is where you want it to be, and that it is aimed at something with some texture. The OK button will recenter the focus point if you've accidentally moved it.

    e.t.a. in case it's not clear, when in Manual Focus mode, the camera shifts to release priority, and will fire regardless of focus. If you have an AF lens, you can enable the rangefinder display, as well as using the focus confirmation dot to help.
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