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I am new to DSLR and have just purchased a 100D in the UK. I don't want to be changing lenses all the time, so can you recommend a zoom 200mm to 300mm lens that would good for all photo opportunities? Your cheat sheets where a good purchase!


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    There are several good telephoto zooms including some Canon ones. However, the 100D is a small camera and any zoom fitted to it in your range is going to feel front heavy. In terms of weight and versatility, the one I would go for is the excellent Tamron 18-270pzd or the recent Tamron 16-300pzd. Have a look at their reviews and decide if you can live within their limitations. Be advised though that I have found the 18-270pzd to be much better in real life photography than what its reviews would suggest.
    Hope this helps a little.
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    The 18-270pzd is my next purchase. Thank you for your advice.
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