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In Manuel Mode, AV mode, TV mode and P mode, the camera delays snapping the picture for about one minute. The self timer is not on. I'm sure I have some setting on that shouldn't be or maybe it needs repaired. Any suggestions on what to do? The camera works perfectly in the automatic modes.


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    This is a strange one. I'm surprised you included P mode as this is essentially an automatic mode and you say it works fine in automatic modes. Could you also let me know if this is in live view or through the viewfinder. In the meantime, I'll do some asking around and see if my photography friends have any ideas.
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    I am not familiar with how the different AF modes work in the Canon, but on the Nikon, Auto mode forces Auto Area focusing and overrides the focus choices you make for the other modes. If this is happening here, then the problem could be with failure to lock on to auto focus. Again, not being quite familiar with how Canon does this, the Nikon default is for "focus priority" which means the shutter will not fire unless focus is locked. But one of the little undocumented features of this is that in Live View, focus priority has a time limit, and after a certain time the shutter will fire whether or not focus is found. If that's the default for Canon, then there would be a delay.

    If you are using a single point focus, make sure that the point has not moved up into the sky somewhere. It's a common problem on my D3200, and when not noticed, focus is, needless to say, compromised.

    A quick check on whether it's a focus issue could be simply to switch to manual focus. If it delays in manual focus too, then it's not a focus issue.
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