D3100 vs other DSLR's

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I am curious to how competent the D3100 is compared to what is out there today, at least as far as entry level DSLR's go. I am coming from point and shoots, so I know compared to that it is probably a vast improvement. I do know that the photographers skills play the biggest part in getting a good photo. I have used an old 35mm film camera back when I was in high school. I have the D3100 being shipped to me, and I got it for a decent price. Mainly went with it because of the price, it's features, and mostly my budget. I guess I'm looking for a little reassurance that I didn't make a mistake buying a D3100. Any input would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.


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    Whatever it could do when it was new it can do now. If it could take a good picture before, then it can do so now, even if newer cameras have more pixels or higher ISO. If you're used to a long ago 35mm camera, the D3100 will be loaded with features that you once only dreamed of.

    Whatever you have you can always find reasons to wish for more, and I must say I appreciate some of the added features of the D3200, but I think all the D3xxx series punch above their weight.
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    I'm in the same boat as you (as far as the old 35mm film days); then to point and shoot, and now to the dslr world. I've had my D3100 for almost a year now and it still manages to impress me. You made a good choice with a D3100. Battery life is tremendous and it handles ISO'S up to 400 very impressively.
    For the first few months while getting used to it, I stuck with the 18-55mm that came with it. Then I purchased a Nikkor 55-200mm afs-dx lens to compliment the 18-55mm and was blown away by it! I'm very impressed. The 55-200mm stays on mine 90% of the time now.
    Helpful tip: In case you weren't aware, if you set your picture size setting to large format, the camera will use all available 14.2 mp when shooting. Drop it down to small and you'll cut it down to 8mp I think it is. It uses more memory space on your card in large, but I transfer my pictures to a jump drive and keep the minimal on the card.
    Good luck with it and happy shooting!
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