Photo of silver and gold jewelry

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I have a problem with taking photos for silver and gold product. It doesn't reflect the material and the product color.
What should I do or change since I use the food-product indoor cheat card?


  • Shiny things like this can be very hard to get lit and balanced to match your taste. Color temperature is finicky and depends on the light, the camera, the lens, and the calibration of what you're seeing it on. Professionals in this field spend a great deal of time and money on perfect lighting, post processing and calibration of monitors.

    I suggest that you take your images in Raw form and reopen them in View NX2 or another program that can read raw files, wherein you can fine tune the white balance, as well as the tint, picture control, etc. If you can find a white balance setting that agrees with your customary lighting, you may be able to set it in the camera.

  • Hi @maryam88 - In addition to what @bruto said, feel free to shoot me some example shots (support "at" so I can take a look at the image and the exif info to see what can be done to correct the issue. All the best!
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