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All my photos have this silly time and date stamp on them. I have gone through all the menu settings and can't find out how to turn this setting off. When I go to setup menu/print date, it's set to 'off', yet, the time/date is still appearing on all my photos. What's the story?


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    If you're transferring a NEF or JPG image to a computer the date should not be on it if the "Print date" option is off in the setup menu.

    If you're printing from the camera via "pictbridge" I think you must turn off the date in the Pictbridge menu or the "DPOF print order" menu or both.
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    Hi Bruto,
    Thanks for helping. No, I am not printing via 'pictbridge'. I am simply transferring my pictures from the camera onto my mac. They appear with date and time stamp in the view finder after the picture is taken. I visited DPOF print order and deselected everything so let's see what happens!
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    That seems very odd. The time and date should not appear inside the image on an in camera display if the menu option is "off" no matter what quirks might exist in the computer. I suggest you go back and reconfirm that it's really off. It also will not appear (at least on the D3200 and according to the D3300 instructions) if you shoot in Raw or Raw + Fine mode. So perhaps if you just can't seem to get rid of it, you should save your files as Raw or, if your computer can only read JPG, Raw +Fine, and just toss the Raw files. I tried this on mine, and with 'Time and Date' turned on, it still did not print them on a NEF file or the accompanying JPG of the same number. It will only print time and date on a JPG, and only if you save exclusively in JPG.

    This function seems to work right on my D3200, and I suspect that if you really can't get it to behave on yours, it may need service, because it's really not supposed to be so tricky.
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    Thank you for your help Bruto. I think it needs a service as I changed to shooting RAW and it still displayed the time and date. I wish I could send an attachment with this post to show you what they look like. They are very ugly!
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