Nikon 70-300mm or Sigma?

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Spent a few days looking for a new lens. I'm thinking of getting a Nikon 70-300mm vr, but I came across the Sigma also. What would be the difference apart from price? Am I best sticking with the Nikon? Any good or bad sides to either of them?


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    I did a lot of research and I decided to buy the Nikon 70-300mm vr. I'm very happy with this lens. It does require a different level of photography; it's different taking pictures with a 300mm lens, especially to take sharp pictures. The reason why I bought the Nikon lens is, because overall it got better reviews and the build quality is better. If you want to know about the Sigma, here's a review (see here)
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    A lot of people like both, but I will note that my local camera repairman says that Sigma is slow to respond on warranty and service.

    With regard to the challenge of using a long lens, VR certainly helps, but you still need to keep in mind that camera shake is magnified greatly. There is a sort of rule of thumb for full frame that your minimum shutter speed should be around the reciprocal of the focal length. Thus a 300mm lens should be shot at 1/300 or faster. But for DX format, that rule applies to the 'effective' focal length, which in the DX is 450. Deducting some for VR, you still probably need a shutter speed in the 200's or above to be safe hand holding a 300mm.

    You can test this a bit if you shoot at a small, bright light, not too far away. The light must be very small, circular and bright like an LED pilot light. Don't worry if everything but the light in the picture is black. Expose for the light. Take pictures at different shutter speeds and magnify the light. Camera jiggle can be hard to spot in normal circumstances, but a small round light will tend to be visibly elongated or oval, and should give you a good idea of what you're capable of hand holding.
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    I read that this lens was also good for portraits, so I purchased it. Has anyone else read this or used this lens for that purpose? I have another camera, a Sony, and a lens that is very similar to this Nikon; it's a Tamron 70-300mm and it takes beautiful pictures. I just want this one to do as good or better.
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    Hello @JanB1122, I did take portrait photo's with this lens. I have this one also and I love it! I do use the macro also, and I am very happy with this lens.
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