Where to buy filters?

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Can anyone recommend a brand or where to buy decent filters for my D3100? Had a nose online but I don't want to be buying a cheap brand from Hong Kong that could potentially ruin good shots. Thanks.


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    Most of the time I do without filters, taking my chances with lens damage in exchange for a slight reduction in likely flare. When you do want a filter, some of the best deals in decent but not outrageously priced ones are probably Hoya and Tiffen, particularly the former. B&H and Adorama and other reputable on line retailers are probably the best bet.

    As for ruining good shots, you probably need not worry unless a filter is really awful. You can of course experiment and try a few shots with and without, and see if you can spot the difference. The front element of a lens is not itself in focus at all, so flaws in and around it are not distinctly visible. Some bad filters will have subtle effects on flare, focus and the like, but the source will be hard to pin down. I saw once a web page in which the question of front element damage was answered by showing some pretty decent shots made with a lens whose front element had been smashed with a hammer.

    Remember that polarizers and graduated ND filters will not work well on a lens whose front element rotates. You can use them, but will probably have to turn off AF and use a tripod.
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    OK, great, thanks. Really helpful info, I'll have a look. I mainly want something like a UV filter just to protect from sand and dirt, but I'll have a look perhaps might do a bit of experimenting.
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