Circular Polarizer (CPL) vs Neutral Density (ND) filter

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Hey @Moose - Can I use a fader ND filter as a CPL filter also on a lighter setting? Or are these 2 different animals?


  • Howdy @t2iski - They are two different animals. Polarizing filters select which light rays enter your camera lens which minimizes glare and saturates colors. Neutral density filters simply reduce the amount of light entering through the camera. You can think of the two like polarizing sun glasses versus dark tinted shades. Hope that makes sense. Happy shooting! :)
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    Thanks @Moose - So for standard outdoor shooting CPL is a good filter around water, windows, car shows, etc... and to be able to lower the F/stop for DOF and smooth waterfall pics (longer daylight exposures) ND filter, correct?
  • @t2iski - Yep, you got it. :)
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