Attaching camera to MacBook to view

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Since the D3100 doesn't have a pop out screen to view while you're recording, is there anyway I could attach my camera to my MacBook to view it?


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    It would appear you can, but you need software to do it. There's a German program called Sofortbild, specifically for Macs, which is free, and a quick look suggests it should do what you need and then some.

    Check it out at

    There seems to be an open source program for Windows too, but I have not investigated it. Do a google search for Nikon tethering software, and you should find some options.

    Disclaimer here: I have not tried any of these yet myself, though the open source windows one looks worth a further look. It might be just the ticket for microscope work.
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    Thank you so much.
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    By the way, for those with Windows (no mac version, it seems) I should report that I just downloaded a free program called DigiCam Control, and it appears on first impression to work pretty well.

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