Nikon D3100 will not playback movies with sound

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My "new" factory refurbished Nikon D3100 will not playback movies with sound. It plays movie sound OK during playback on the camera itself but not on my laptop or TV when I copy the files to those devices. Is this some kind of file format incompatibility? On the TV I get the message "Audio Channel 1 unsupported". Is there a camera setting I need to change or a program that can convert the files to a compatible format?
I tried both PAL and NTSC video modes.
I tried Movie Settings all 5 Quality from 1920 X 1080;24 fps to 60 X 424 : 24 fps. Yes the Audio sound setting is ON.
I looked here online but didn't find a solution.


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    PS. The video is fine on the laptop and TV, just no sound.
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