My T2i won't turn on

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I just purchased a Canon T2i, charged the battery, assembled everything correctly, turned it on and nothing happened. My camera will not come on when I insert the charged battery (green light signalling full charge), then turn it from off to on.

I have taken the battery back off and put it on the charger again, and after having a full charge green light, in a matter of a few minutes, when I put the battery back on the charger, it takes at least 15 minutes for the full charge light to come back on. This is a brand new product and I don't know if I doing something wrong. What do you suggest?


  • @Funnyflip - That is indeed strange. First, make sure all of the compartments are close, both the memory card slot and the battery cover. Next, try pressing the button. It could be that the LCD screen is turned off. Other than that, I'm not sure why your T2i won't turn on. If the above methods don't work, I would give Canon support a call. It could be an issue with the battery or something seriously wrong with your camera. Let me know how it all shakes out.
  • Try and click the display button after you turn it on. I have done that before. Also what Moose said. Be sure to close all doors. You may just have a bad battery or charger.
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