Fusing photos with Lightroom

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Can you fuse similar photos with different exposures into one with Adobe Lightroom?


  • Hey @Emmanueluso - It sounds like you're trying to create an HDR image with Lightroom. If so, then yes it's possible, however, you need the help of a plugin. The two most popular plugins are Photomatix and the Nik Collection. Both will allow you to merge multiple photos of the same scene at different exposures to create a single HDR image. All the best!
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    I have not done much with HDR, as I generally don't care for the result enough to buy the software, and rarely want more than you can get with a little underexposure and post processing detail recovery. I think Nikon missed the boat on this one. Even my little point and shoot Fuji does a fair job of it, and given that a single raw image can be reprocessed to cover four stops of exposure, I wonder why Nikon did not throw this in. It should be possible to combine different versions of the same raw shot for perfectly registered HDR. There is already even an image overlay function in camera software, which looks as if it should do HDR, but does not, producing a simple double exposure without the sophisticated opacity and selection functions needed. It seems they ought to have been able to do this, if not in the camera, then in the post processing software.

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