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Hi @Moose - I'm new to Nikon after spending some time with a Pentax K-r, but I sold it all and bought a new D3100, I was just wondering apart from the obvious auction site are there any sites out there that Nikon users buy and sell their unused equipment? I'd love a 50mm f/1.8 but they are a little out of my reach brand new. Great site by the way, I can see i'll be spending alot of time here, Thanks. - Matt (uk)


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    Howdy @sunchaser (Matt) - Over the years there have been multiple places to buy and sell used lenses from other Nikonians, however, eBay and Craigslist have all but squashed most of them. You could try the 'For Sale and Wanted Forum' at (see here). They have a fairly active stream of used Nikon gear available in the UK. Glad you found the site, you're welcome here anytime. Happy shooting! :)
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    Thankyou, now I have to start looking through all the ads! lol
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