Do you have tips for auxiliary lenses?

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My camera kit came with a couple of lenses, the 18-55mm and 75-300mm. It also came with two lenses that screw on to the front of the main lens - one is a wide angle and one is a telephoto. I haven't been able to get any good shots using these, but it may be because I haven't experimented enough. Are these lenses just gimmicks to get you to buy the whole kit, or are they actually useful for anything?



  • Hey @JoshuaPK - Welcome to the forum! I would personally stay away from those screw on lenses. Retailers throw them into a package to "sweeten" the deal, but in reality they can actually damage the lens. The extra weight on the front lens element causes a strain and can affect the zoom mechanics and also the focusing motor. Sorry for the bummed out news.

    What types of things do you like to shoot?
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    It wasn't really bummed out news, because the deal was a good one even if those cheap lenses weren't included. Amazon had a lot of really crazy Black Friday deals on DSLR kits in December.

    I want to practice and get good at a couple of things, namely, portraits and wildlife. I shot these photos with my 75-300mm (non-IS) lens. The first photo at a focal length of 300mm or maybe a hair under, and the second at 75mm. I am eagerly awaiting a 55-250mm lens with IS, which should be arriving soon.

    (see here)
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