Too much blue in the whites

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I just got this camera 3 days ago and did the dastardly and threw it into auto. I got a few great shots, then shot a few on the snow and in the sky. Things have a bad blueish tint to them. I'm new, so be gentle. I'm thinking maybe I should take some online classes just to understand all this better; it's overwhelming.


  • Hi @packmule - Welcome to the forum! This is a simple fix...the white balance controls the color temperature. So all you have to do is adjust your white balance to "cloudy" in this instance and the scene will become much warmer.

    Yeah, it can feel a little daunting at first. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the camera here. I'm happy to help! :)
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    Moose, thanks a lot. Maybe after more than 2 days under my belt and some help, I might make it. It was a thrill to have a bald Eagle to land right outside the window. It's just a shame the snow played with me. Any chance I can edit the bluish out of it? It was so cool to watch him jump straight up 5 feet off the ground just to scare the crows.
  • @packmule - I bet those crows were frightened to death. :) Yep, fixing the white balance is super simple when using an editing program like Adobe Lightroom. In Lightroom, you would just use the white balance tool and select the white snow. This would instantly fix the coloring. If you're looking for a photo editor/organizer, Adobe Lightroom is really the way to go. It's much simpler than Photoshop and was designed for photographers of all skill levels. All the best!
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