How do I make my photos high resolution?

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I'm focusing on pregnancy, newborn and children photography. Once I take the photos, I upload them to a disk and then give them to my clients, however, they have been low resolution images! Horror! Shock!

What setting on my camera can I use to give me the highest resolution? Is it raw? And once uploaded how do I change it to high resolution depending on the software? I don't print. I just offer images on disk, but I need them to be high resolution! Please help, it's doing my head in. Thank you! - Krsystal.x :)


  • Howdy @krystalTea - If you've never touched the image quality settings on your D3100, then your computer/software is responsible for re-sizing the images to a lower quality.

    You can verify this by playing back the images on your D3100 and looking in the right hand bottom corner. You should see an "L" icon next to a number (4608x3072). If you don't see this info, just press the up or down arrow a few times. If your image quality is nowhere near these values, then you need to make adjustments in-camera to the image recording quality.

    If they match-up, then the issue is with your computer/software. When transferring images to your computer, you might try 'exploring' the memory card and manually dragging the images over into a folder rather than letting the computer/software do it for you. This will ensure the images don't get re-sized or altered.

    Once you've done that, then you should be able to burn the images to disk, retaining the full resolution.

    I don't recommend RAW, unless you feel like processing each image you take. You can however change the default image quality from 'Normal' to 'Fine'. This will apply less compression, which means more image detail and larger file sizes.

    Hope all of that makes sense. Happy shooting! :)
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