Fuzzy black bar and 3/4 orange tint ruining photos

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My camera is putting a fuzzy black bar at the top of all my photos when I don't use a flash, and when I do use the flash I have a 3/4 orange tint covering the photo. I use this camera all the time and take photos of my kids. I hate using my phone, so I need my camera to start working. Please help!!


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    Unfortunately, this sounds like a shutter malfunction. The shutter on the D3xxx is vertical, traveling from bottom to top, so shutter issues will generally show as a fuzzy black bar like that. Using flash at too high a speed will usually result in a well defined black bar.

    You might experiment to see if you can narrow down if the problem is better, worse, or absent at very high or very low shutter speeds. Sorry to say, I think it's time to take it in for service.
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    I'm pretty sure now that it's the shutter too. It just stinks for me because the closest repair place is an hour and a half from me. Thanks!
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