Flash mode on screen freezes all functions

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Hi Moose. My D3100 is locked up at 'flash mode' that shows on the screen and disables my menu or any other button. I can't even record a video. I'm unsure what I did to get to this screen and how to get rid of it. I can click pictures but the flash won't pop up even in auto mode (green button). Thank you for helping out.


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    What happens if you push the flash button that is used to manually pop the flash up? Normally, if the camera is on, that should activate the flash in any mode even if exposure does not call for it. If it does not pop up there's a mechanical problem.

    You normally would get the flash setting either with the "i" button, in which case you would push the OK button to get into the settings and change them with the wheel, or with the flash button, where they are changed with the wheel. If nothing happens, I am guessing that the camera has a problem.

    Playing with mine, I see that if I hold the flash button down, the screen shows "flash mode" and locks everything else out. This suggests to me that if you have a mechanical problem it may be in the mechanicals of the flash unit. One thing I might try is just fiddling with the flash button in the hope that something has temporarily jammed it.

    When I go into flash mode with the "i" button, if I do not push the OK button, the flash mode is still lit up. When I rotate the wheel, it still functions as normal. So, for example, if I am in Aperture Priority and flash mode on, rotating the wheel still shows a change in aperture. Try this on yours and see if that happens. If it does not, I think this would again indicate something is wrong with the camera.

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    Thank you for your response. The flash button you are referring to is above the fn button on the side, correct? Nothing happens when I press it. Some days I'm lucky,and when I turn on the camera it pops the flash open (I dare not physically close it or else). Even if the flash opens, the screen is still 'flash mode' and all camera buttons are unusable unfortunately. I think you're right, the problem is in the camera. I probably need to replace it. :'(

    Thank you for yuor help.
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    Yes, that was the flash button I'm talking of. In modes such as A and S and M, where flash operation is not automatically chosen by the camera, that button should always pop the flash up. Once it's up, it should cycle through the flash mode choices.

    It does sound like a camera malfunction. If possible I'd check for the cost of repair, since it may not be too huge. If it is, and you like the D3100 in general, look at the D3200 or D3300. The D3200 has been superseded by the D3300, but is still sold and can be found at a pretty low price.

  • Hi,

    My D3100 just started to behave like this too. I "solved" this by dropping the ISO from 3200 to 1600.

    Other than upgrading the firmware and that setting (which I changed so that I could take photos indoor without using flash [and setting it to Aperture mode]), everything else is on standard settings.

    Now, it doesn't freeze other menu options etc but the flash still pops up randomly now and then.
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