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Ok, so I feel a bit dumb about the spot metering on my camera. I've been a film person all my life, so I understand metering on a fully manual 35mm, but on the D3100 I'm a bit lost. I understand the different settings for metering and how to change them, but in my old camera, when I press the shutter button slightly, the read out in the lens shows me the metering. What about on the Nikon D3100? The viewfinder only shows the current settings. What am I missing? - Please help!


  • Howdy @tenibitz - When looking through the viewfinder on the D3100, you'll notice an exposure indicator represented by a bunch of hash-marks going from (+) to 0 to (-).

    Ideally you want to indicator to be lined up with 0. To far to the left (+) and you'll get an overexposed image. Too far to the right (-) and you'll end up with an underexposed image.

    When you meter a scene (half-press the shutter), the D3100 will display the exposure level allowing you to adjust the settings to get an accurate exposure. Hopefully all of that makes sense. Happy shooting! :)
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    Having now fully read the manual twice, nothing in there made as much sense as you just did with one post. Thanks so much! <3
  • @tenibitz - Ha! Glad I could help. :)
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