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Can I use Iso Propyl Alcohol or de-natured alcohol for lens cleaning? Our two camera shops have closed and I don't buy off the internet.


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    I believe pure alcohol is a bit harsh for this purpose, and would not use it. Most lens cleaners are, I think, quite diluted, but I'm not sure just how much. Don't use other household cleaners that might have harsh chemicals or abrasives in them. I'd go for whatever is used for glasses (same with lens tissue). If you can't find a camera shop, go to a place that sells eyeglasses. Alternatively, there are still places that sell a few camera accessories, depending on where you live. I would try Target, perhaps Staples, Radio Shack, and perhaps someplace that sells cell phones.

    Otherwise, if you have the correct lens cloth or tissue, I'd start with plain water.
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    I use Lenspens. Works great and is safe on the glass.
    (see here)
  • Thanks for the info, I will call on our Optician for some liquid.
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    If you have a Target store nearby, I'm pretty sure they have Lenspens too. They are very handy with a special wiping element on one end and a soft brush on the other.

    My only caution on these is that if you have an old one and are not sure of its history (or perhaps have lent it out), try it on something other than a lens first to make sure it has not picked up any grit. If you buy one new, and take good care of it, it's great.

    Edit to add: one thing the Lenspen is really good at is cleaning off greasy spots, such as fingerprints, without leaving smears.

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    Useful link:
    (see here)
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    Thanks Ohyeahar. I will add that to my favorites and see about buying a brush and blower and some methanol or opticians lens cleaner.
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