Upgrading my T2i

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I am looking to move up from my current T2i to a 6D, 60D or 70D. I shoot cars, cars that are moving, lightning and landscape. So I am looking for faster FPS, better in low light etc.

1. Any suggestions on the 3 mentioned bodies?
2. I have read of concerns on the 70D and AF issues.
3. These are the lenses I have. Will they work on the 3 mentioned bodies:

18-55mm IS f/3.5-5.6
55-250mm IS f/4.0-5.6
17-55mm IS f/2.8

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



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    The 6D is a full frame body. So if you go that route, you’re going to need new lenses.

    Between the 60D and the 70D, there’s no reason to get the 60D unless you can get it for ridiculously cheap. Even then, I would hesitate because the jump from your T2i isn’t that great. So definitely get the 70D which is significantly better than your T2i and the 60D in so many ways (unless you want to go full-frame).

    I’ve no experience with the 70D’s AF issue, but I found these 2 links which may be useful:



    BTW, sell your 18-55mm. It's redundant since you have the 17-55mm.
  • I seems to be the 7D or 70D. My local camera shop was trying to talk me out of the 7D because of it being discontinued and was pushing the 70D. I am seeing plenty of complaints on the 70D for focusing problems and soft edges.

    Is this a user problem or a concern of the 70D?
  • If the choice was between the 7D and the 70D, I’d give the edge to the 70D. If you compare the specs, it’s better in so many ways. But if you can get the 7D at a crazy bargain price, then go for it. It’s still a very solid performer.

    But since Photokina is almost upon us, maybe the best thing to do would be to wait and see what new bodies are coming. If you’re still set on getting an older body, than any new products will surely drive their prices down further.
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    I would have to disagree with @ohyeahar for once. The 7D outshines the 70D in so many ways. It has features which even the pro 5D doesn't have. The 7D is being replaced by a newer model and will probably debut at Photokina in September. As ohyeahar suggested, this might drive the price of the 7D down, but I don't think by much as it is still a popular choice.
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    @PBked, you're probably right. I'm more of a Nikon guy. I just looked at the snapsort comparison and it seemed like the 70D has better specs.
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    Well I decided on the 7D and it should be here today. Not sure if it's user error but there are still too many issues currently being posted on the focusing problem. Plus I really did not need the video enhancements or the touch screen.

    I have read a lot on the 7D being an awesome body so I am getting excited as I am headed to the Hoover Dam and Vegas this weekend!
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    Is the T5i much better than the T2i?
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    Apart from a few additional features including moveable LCD and hybrid AF, there is little gain over the T2i which is a no nonsense, does what it says on the tin camera.
    But alas, a couple of years in the digital world is a long time and even the T5i is regarded as old hat. To get better gains you should be looking at the 760d/T6i which offers 6megapixels more on a hybrid sensor. Basically, if you can't take a good photograph on the T6i, you can't take a photograph.
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    Thanks, quick question. My friend said he's thinking about the Canon 7D mk 2 .
    I told him at $1,700, that's a lot of savings, and my question is, is it really worth it? I use my camera for stills and video footage at karate tournaments, and I've been getting calls on graduations nowadays!

    On my T2i, everything is interchangeable with another T2i. Will my T2i be too old next year?

    Will my lens work on a T6i or the 7D mk 2?

    What's your thoughts?

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    As long as you are keeping with APS-C format all your lenses and accessories will fit including those meant for full frame.
    I think there is no 70d mark 2 as the 70d has been replaced by the 80d.
    The 7d is an excellent camera and with the release of the mkll, its price has dropped, but it has a learning curve.
    If you have been happy with your T2i, then you would take to the T6i or T6s (750d/760d) like a duck to water.
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