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Hi, I was reading the thread that started with Jennifer and the dance recital. I have a T2i and a Canon 70-300mm lens (I also have the 18-55mm). While I have had my camera for several years, I have spent most of the time outside at sporting events and the sport mode works great - not so much for indoor dance recitals and I have had hit or miss success. I am trying to figure out how I change the setting for the TV setting. I can change the ISO to auto but I can't figure out how to change the 1/125 to anything else. Any hints or is there a better setting for my lens?


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    Choose Tv mode and then turn the little command dial on the right top of the camera to set your shutter speed. You will need something higher than 1/500 on your 70-300mm and preferably nearer to 1/1000 if you want to capture blur free action. However, indoors this may require a high ISO which could make your pictures very noisy. It would also mean the camera would choose a very large aperture which reduces the depth of field.
    There are 3 things you can do: 1) experiment with your settings until noise levels are acceptable and then increase your exposure by using the exposure compensation button, 2) use a noise reduction software in post processing, and 3) use flash if you are close enough to the action.
    Hope this helps.
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