Scenery in Jamaica

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Next week I will be traveling to Jamaica for a missions trip with a group of other students from school and I would love to hear some tips and tricks. I just got my Nikon D3100 this past weekend so I haven't had much time to explore the camera. While I'm in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica I would love to get some great photo of the scenery as well as pictures of my group. I'm really hoping to get some great photos when I'm there! Any tips to get great quality photos would be greatly appreciated! (:


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    I have the 55-200mm Nikon lens as well as the 18-55mm lens that it came with.
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    Just shoot mate! For sceneries take a lot of shots at different times of the day (when the sun rises and sets). Your 18-55mm will do fine for sceneries in most cases. You can either use the camera's landscape mode or aperture mode and pump the F number up to get the scenery sharp.

    I like doing night shots with long exposures but this requires a tripod.

    For landscape photography, my best tip is get to the right places and be there at the right time (on cloudy days all your shots tend to be very dull). Settings are the last thing on your mind and composition is everything so that your photos have something interesting in them. Usually landscape photographers have some subject close to the lens that catches the viewer's eye.

    Give yourself time to compose the photo correctly. Snapshots in landscapes are usually boring looking because there's nothing "in there".

    Hope that helps a little.
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