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I can view my photos on my camera but not on my computer. What did I do wrong and how can I fix it to get the pictures to download onto my computer? The camera is new and the memory card is new. Please help!


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    Did you format your new memory card in the camera?
    Are you using the the USB lead to download? Sometimes memory card slots do not work.
    You could also try a memory card reader.

    Check Card Reading Help Post by JD Sawyer, 21st January.

    That looks like 3 people having the same problem within a month.
    Is it a batch of dodgy memory cards?
    Fault on the cameras?
    User errors?
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    Which format did you shoot in? If you shot in RAW the only way you'll view them on your computer is through one of the proprietary software packages that supports the Nikon RAW format or by installing the NX2 software which came with your camera on your computer.
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    That is not necessarily true. I can view RAW images using Internet Explorer when opening my pictures folder. What cannot read RAW files is MSPicture Manager. If you want to make any adjustments to the RAW files, then yes, open up in View NX2 and that has enough functions without buying Photoshop or any other software (unless you are into levels and layers).
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