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Here's something I found out by mistake that I am sure will help people when using the supplied software.

Take the following steps to add data like name, copyright statement , email or location, to a batch of photos:

1) Click EDIT on the very top of the screen
2) Options on the bottom of the drop down menu
3) XMP/IPTC Preset
4) Copyright only
(If you are taking photos professionally you can always click Exhibition, Game or add a new title.)

5) Fill in the boxes
6) OK

7) Edit again
8) Highlight all the images on the bottom
9) Load XMP/IPTC - Copyright (or other titles you wish)

10) Now check to see if the data has been added in the METADATA Section of each image.

On the Nikon website there is quite a few pages of FAQ you might want to also look at. Plus, if you do come across a potential problem with your camera or Nikon software, you can email the problem and receive an answer within 48 hours or less. It is free: (there will no doubt be a US or other local office).
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