Portrait with external flash

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Hi, I am going to be taking portrait photos with my D3100 and an SB-700 flash. The flash is placed on a stand and I'm using an umbrella. I would like to set the aperture manually on the camera and not activate the built-in flash. Which settings should I choose on the camera?

- Ole


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    I haven't used A D31000 lately, but I think in flash menu you set it SU-4 and when you take a picture. D3100 pop up flash is trigger for your SB-700. This works only in manual mode and you have to set SB-700 manual too. Pop up flash can be annoying so put a white paper in front of it (as long as it "sees" SB-700).

    Another option is to buy radio triggers. Chinese bulk Yongnuo seems to be good for this purpose (no need to fire pop up flash).

    You made a good decision when you bought the SB-700. There are third party flashes like Nissin that I use, but they're nowhere near what SB-700 can do.
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