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I see Nikon has come out with their new D3300. Looking through the specs, there's not a lot of difference other than 10 Mp of sensor extra, some gimicky software and new optional accessories; it's still the same camera as the D3100. They're not giving much away.


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    To me it seems Nikon is in a doghouse. They keep publishing new bodies every year but are getting beaten by Tamron and Sigma in consumer lenses lately. The D3100 is a great starter body and the D3300 price will be same as the D7000 or higher. The D7000 is centuries more advanced than the D3300. Even after all these new bodies coming out every other month, I still recommend the D3100, D7000 and FX. Lenses are more important than the body.
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    I got the camera two days ago, and I just want to take pictures. I need simple beginner set up instructions for auto. My son reset the camera. I need to reset back to original settings and would like to start point and shoot.
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    I suggest studying the manual to learn what the controls do. Forget Point & Shoot but set to Aperture Priority (A) on the top dial, ISO 100. The only way to learn how to use the camera is to forget the auto modes. If the image is too dark, open the Aperture; too light, close the Aperture. Small f- number = large aperture = more light.

    I went from a compact (though tended to shoot on manual) to a D3100 and bought a book for it that described every function and buttom in detail , put simply. I borrowed books from the library on DSLR photography and read them cover to cover rather than flipping through the pictures.

    If I wanted to just point and shoot I would not have bought a DSLR.
    I have had three photos published by the local newspaper.

    You will not become a Weegie overnight, but keep practicing and reading.

    Also try the Nikonians website and this one with video " Photography Video contents from PhotographyCourses.Biz ". I found this free tutorial website very good as it caters from novices to advanced.
    Good luck and keep trying.
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