Lens for a wedding shoot

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My husband just bought me a D3100. I'm not a professional in any shape or form and I feel like this camera is way too advanced for me. :(
I have shot a few weddings on my Kodak and they came out beautiful. I'm lost as to which lens I should use when I shoot this wedding. My hubby has been playing with all the settings; should I rest it all back to factory? Any help would be much appreciated because the wedding is in one week. Thank you.


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    Reset back to factory mode, then set to Aperture Priority. What sort of light are you expecting; outside in the sun, cloudy, inside with incandescent? Set white balance to suit conditions.
    I assume you are not being paid to take the bride's photos, just your own.
    Your 18-55mm will work, good for close ups or distance shots.
    Don't upset the official photographer with flash as it may set his remote flash off and they are always in a rush and don't like the guests taking photos.
    If you are invited to the festivities afterwards, take a few non-posed shots of the couple and the guests or pre-wedding photos as they are getting ready.
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