RAW Clipping Point

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My D3100 camera is still in the default out of box setup.

I only shoot RAW, and I know from experience the older D60 default was setup for JPG instead of RAW with significant exposure headroom.

I did a forum search to check if anyone has posted how to setup the D3100 for RAW.

I would appreciate any tips to test for clipping point, dynamic range.

Did read "The D3100 behaves in a very similar fashion to the D3000 before it, with a range of Picture Styles that vary somewhat in contrast. In Standard mode it offers a decent highlight range of about 3 2/3 stops, although it clips to white a little bit more abruptly than higher-end cameras such as the the D7000. The Neutral mode has slightly lower contrast and more 'open' shadows, while the Vivid setting is higher in contrast and therefore blocks up the shadows in comparison."

The only change I have made so far is to change from Standard to Neutral mode.

Thanks, Ken
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