Is the 6D the right move?

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I have been shooting with a Canon 60D for the last 2+ years. During that time I have learned a great deal of photography, and I think I am ready to advance with the camera I use.

I would like to get into a full frame lens, however, the price jump is just a bit beyond my means. I have been looking at the Canon 6D. The reviews are not bad and the price is a bit more reasonable for me and my budget.

Is it a good choice for me to expand my photography skills? The price is $1900 versus $3400 for the 5D Mark lll. I don't want to buy the 6D and have regrets down the road.



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    Have you had a look at mirrorless?

    Sony just released the first of many full frame, mirrorless, interchangeable lens AF cameras to come. The A7 is only $1,700, which is far less than the 5D Mark III, not to mention half the size and half the weight. The only place they're somewhat lacking is auto focus speed and battery life.
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    Hi Adelphos,
    No not interested. I read that article in Outdoor Photographer, 'Small Camera Revolution" and I think I'll sit this revolution out. What sales reps and magazines don't tell you is when you buy a camera of a certain brand, you kind of buy into their system (lenses, etc). I compared the Canon D6 and the Nikon D610. From the stats and specs I really like the Nikon D610 over the Canon D6. Price range is the same, however, I bought into the Canon system. So what do I do with my Sigma 10-20mm, Tamron 18-270mm? My other 2 lenses are Canon and will work with the 6D, but none of those lenses will work the Nikon. So what to do? Sell all equipment, get half the price and then invest in the Nikon system and start the spending again. I really need to think this one over.
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