Indoor swimming pictures with kit lens

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I am just starting out with the Nikon D3100 as my first DSLR, and to say I'm incredibly happy with my limited experience is an understatement. Long story short - I have been volunteered to be my daughter's swim team photographer. Unfortunately, I don't think I can scrape together enough money for a bigger lens than the 18-55mm kit lens right now. That being the case, what is the best way to optimize the camera for indoor swimming pictures with this set up?


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    One thing I would recommend is a circular polarizing filter. This will help cut out reflections from the surface of the water.
    Try to maintain a low angle so you are shooting across the surface at the swimmers rather than looking down on them.
    Beware of the humidity in an indoor pool environment and give your camera and lens plenty of time to acclimatize.
    Use shutter priority and set a fairly fast speed capable of freezing water splashes and the swimmers' movements.
    Also set continuous shooting and tracking AF.
    As you don't have a great zoom range, you will be closer to the water than if using a long lens so watch out for splashes and wipe them off your camera right away. The chemicals in swimming pools don't do any favors for camera equipment.
    Good luck with your shooting!
    Regards, PBked
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