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I have been shooting a D3100 for a couple years and would like to upgrade. I have 3 lenses and will keep the D3100. I'm looking at the D5200 or the new D5300. I have become very comfortable with the manual settings on the D3100 off of a tripod. I have a slight nerve condition which causes my hands to slightly shake, so most of my hand held pictures are in auto mode. Are the settings about the same? Will my lenses and flashes work on these? Any opinions!!??


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    What is the reason to upgrade? If I upgraded from my D3100 I would go for the D7100 or D5100 (low entry camera which keeps most of the limitations of the D3100). Your lenses and flashes will work on the D5100 or D7100 in the same way as on the D3100.
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    I should have stated this differently. I'm looking to add a second camera body for under $1000.00 that I can leave one of the lenses on.
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    The D7000 is bargain now! It's such a great camera! If you are willing to spend more, the D7100 has more new stuff. I bought the D7000 and gave the D3100 to my wife. I can't see how any better camera body would help. I agree with Houghs, skip the D5000 series. They have great functions for videos and buttons for videos but lack things from the D7k series.
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