Settings for taking nightclub pictures

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Just wondering which settings should I start with for taking nightclub pictures?


  • Hey @ZeRafael - The critical component for nightclub photography is an external flash. Do you own a speedlite? Which model speedlite is it?
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    Thanks for replying, I got a Nissin i866! Please put up cheat cards for the 60D. I'd like to get the T2i and 60D if possible. Thanks a million!
  • Hey @ZeRafael - I'm working on a set of cheat cards for the 60D. Should be out soon. As for settings, I forgot to ask which lenses you own?
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    Tamron AF 17-50mm and Tamron 28-75mm
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    @ZeRafael - Awesome! Ok, here's my thoughts...

    1. Attach the 17-50mm f/2.8 and the Nissin i866
    2. Enable Aperture Priority (Av) and set your aperture to f/2.8
    3. To include some ambient light, set your ISO between 800 and 3200. Take a few test shots to dial in the right amount of ISO.
    4. Set your focus mode to AI-Servo
    5. Shoot away

    If you're getting too much subject blur, try raising the ISO to 3200. If you're still getting blur, then you'll need to switch over to Shutter Priority mode (Tv) and set your shutter speed between 1/90 to 1/125 depending on how much your subjects are moving. You won't get as much ambient light in shutter priority, but it will help freeze subject movement.

    All the best!
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    You are just the best! Thanks!
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    Worked like a charm. The only thing I had to change is the AI-Servo to One-Shot. With AI-Servo the pictures came out blurry. Other than that, perfect! Thanks!
    (Please don't forget the 60D cheat sheet)
  • Hey @ZeRafael - Yeah, AI Servo can be hit or miss sometimes. It's great for subjects that move, but can sometimes force the camera to focus on something else other than your intended subject. Glad everything else worked out...all the best!
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    Hi Canon people,

    Help me with night time photography. I attended my friend's wedding, it was indoor, and I took my Canon 60D. Was using an 18-200mm lens, av mode, f/4.5, external flash yongnuo (yn560-II) with these settings m mode, auto zoom, 105mm.

    It was in a hotel hall and I was standing at a distance from the wedding couple, and all my pictures were blurred and spoiled. I tried TV, manual setting and did not touch the ISO.

    I really need to work on this. I had a bad experience so please tell me some settings that I can practice.

    I do have these lenses efs18-200mm, 50mm and 70-300mm

    Also I would like you to see my spoiled pictures and help me with settings for next time

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    I have a Canon T5i. Just wondering which settings I should start with for taking nightclub pictures?
    18-55mm lens
    TT560 speedlite
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