Camera Battery Storage

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Do you find it necessary to remove your D3100 battery during extended periods of non-use? My Olympus would run any battery down that was left in the camera.


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    My camera has sat for a week without use and when I turned it on, I had full battery just like when I put it away. I have noticed that I can drain a battery rather quickly when I use it. I just attribute that to taking so many pictures and then reviewing them constantly between shots. Because of that, I am going to purchase an extra battery. As for your question, a week was not an issue.
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    All manufacturers advise removing the battery during long periods of non-use. There is a good reason for this. Even if the camera is switched off, there is leakage of electricity between the battery terminals and camera terminals. The leakage is very small, but over time it will drain the battery and could possibly cause damage to the terminals. With Li-ion batteries you could leave them in the camera for up to six months, but with other chemical batteries only a couple of months, as they can literally discharge nasty chemicals over the terminals. Hope this helps.
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