Taking Photos of the Night Sky

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I recently got a D3100 and I was planning to take photos of the night sky. When I tried I got a message saying, subject is too dark. I was shooting in manual mode under following configurations:
ISO 800
spot metering
single-point AF

What should I do? Any advice on this?


  • @damithadnw - If you're shooting the night sky, chances are you will always see that message. That "warning" is mostly for hand-held shooters who are looking to take portraits in low light situations. My advice...don't really worry about it.

    As for your settings, if you're nighttimer exposures are turning out too dark, it's probably because your shutter speed is too fast and/or your ISO is too low. I would flip over to Aperture priority, select the lowest available f-number, set your ISO to 800 and give it a go. If it's too dark, raise the ISO to 1600 and then 3200.

    Be sure to use a tripod when shooting the stars, otherwise you'll end up with one blurry mess. All the best and happy shooting!
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