Shooting the Moon

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I'm going to a photography event next weekend where we're going to shoot the supermoon over the state capitol and lakes. It should be lovely, but I've never tried to do the moon since I switched to DSLR. What are your tips on making it as bright, sharp and important to the picture as possible? Thank you!


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    Hello @lightrailcoyote,

    I believe that you will need to satisfy the following requirements:

    1. Use a tripod.
    2. Use a remote camera trigger or use the timed shutter.
    3. The longest lens you can get, 200mm or above is great.
    4. Set your ISO to the lowest, 100 for example.
    5. Set a narrow aperture to get more in focus, like f/11.
    6. 1/125 shutter speed should be good; it really depends on ISO and aperture.
    7. Use manual focus if you see that your camera isn’t doing a good job on its own.

    Hope it helps!

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