Moose's Cheat Cards for the Nikon D3100

Woohoo! The wait is finally over...I'm proud to finally announce (after many months) my 1st ever Cheat Cards for the Nikon D3100.

Nikon D3100 Cheat Sheets for Beginners

If you've ever been in a situation and wondered which settings to use with your camera, these nifty little cheat sheets will tell you exactly which settings I would start with.

My settings are specific to the Nikon D3100 and select Nikon lenses. This allows me to provide very detailed settings which will improve your odds of capturing a keeper.

Sound good? Click here for more info.

For this first pack, I created 17 Cheat Cards specifically for the D3100 and the Nikon 18-55mm kit lens combo. In the next few weeks, I'll be rolling out additional packs for other popular Nikon lenses mounted to the D3100.

In case you're wondering, these Cheat Cards can be printed at home or viewed digitally on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire or desktop computer. If you have more questions, check out the F.A.Q.

The funds I earn go directly to supporting my young family (wife & baby boy). Thanks for your love and support!


  • @wooshring - Awesome! Yep, working on them now...should be out soon! :)
  • Glad to hear it @moss66 ...thanks for the kind words! :)
  • I just purchased the D3100 cheat cards and they are the best thing I've bought for my camera. I love them!
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    These cards look like they will be a huge help, thank you! I just bought the 55-200mm VR lens. Will those cards be available soon? Looking forward to them!
  • Hey @clarkaj1455 - Yep, my plan is to release them in July along with a couple other lens combos. All the best!
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    Do you have the cheat cards for the 55-200mm lens?
  • Hey @marilynh01 - I'm finishing them up and will have them available very soon. All the best!
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    Are the cards ready for the 55-200mm? I just bought the 18-55mm and can't thank you enough!
  • Glad you like the cheat cards @marcimdj. I'm so close to finishing the set for the 55-200mm. I want them to be perfect. :) Happy shooting!
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    Just purchased the 18-55mm VR Cheat Cards and I notice that all settings are for use with tripod. Are there recommended settings when not using a tripod?
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    Looking at the settings for the D3200, I see tripod required only for night shots and specific scenic shots that require long shutter speeds (waterfalls, etc.).

    You might want to double check the format to see if it printed out wrong. In the D3200 version, the first 13 of the 20 are hand held. If you're cutting the cards out, those calling for a tripod should show that highlighted in red on the back side.

  • Hey @md4wood - As @bruto mentioned, a tripod is only required for a couple of the scenarios to ensure you get tack sharp results. When hand holding the camera in certain situations, you'll run into camera shake issues which will lead to blurry images. Using a tripod in those instances is the only way to prevent it. All the best!
  • jonjon
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    Hi, this is just what I have been looking for.
    I have a D3100 with Nikon 18-300mm lens. Would I need both the 18-55mm and 55-300mm cards?
  • Hey @jon - Unfortunately pairing the 18-55mm and 55-300mm cheat cards won't be compatible with your lens. I'm actually working on a set for the 18-300mm lens. If you like, I can notify you once they are available. All the best!
  • jonjon
    edited April 2015
    Great, I will wait for them. Thanks for the advice as I was just about to purchase them anyway. :)
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    Will the 55-300mm cheat cards work for an AF-S 300mm, and also with a Kenko teleplus 300mm f/1.4 added?
  • Hey @randman - Are you referring to the Nikon 300mm f/4 AF-S? Is so, unfortunately not. What are you looking to shoot?
  • Hello, I live in Georgia and I wonder, can I buy cards from Georgia?
  • Hey @AliceM - The cheat cards are delivered via email, so it doesn't matter where you live. If the credit card option doesn't work for you, then try Paypal. If you have any issues, just let me know (support "at" All the best!
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    Please help me decide if I need cheat cards for my Nikon D3100 18-55mm no VR. Let me know about the cheat cards for my lens. Thanks and God bless.
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