Memory Card Compatible with the D3100

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I saw the Lexar Platinum II 32GB SDHC UHS-I Class 10 memory card on eBay and the seller does not know if it is compatible with the Nikon D3100. Please, can anyone confirm? For more info on memory card compatibility, you can use this guide as a reference. Happy shooting! :)


  • Howdy @soweic - Yes, it'll work. The D3100 accepts SDHC memory cards.
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    Thanks a lot for the confirmation, I'm ordering one now.

    I also see that transcend Wi-Fi just released with good price tag too, but is it incompatible with D3100? What makes it so? Any workaround?
  • @soweic - From what I read, it sounds like there is a power consumption issue when using a Wi-Fi card inside the D3100. I'm not sure I really believe that. If the D5100 is compatible, I would assume the D3100 could also work.

    In addition to that, Eye-Fi branded memory cards are compatible with the D3100. I'm almost positive that Transcend is using the exact same technology. If I had to make an educated "guess" I'd say the Transcend Wi-Fi cards should work with your D3100.
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    Thanks again. Yes, now I am pretty sure it will work as I see one of the user reviews on Amazon to increase the photo review time to max.

    This is lovely for me.

    PS: I got Lexar Platinum II 32GB now and it works perfectly fine.
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    I would be very wary of buying any memory card or battery off eBay for the sake of saving a few cents and possibly damaging your camera. Memory cards are not that expensive if bought from a reputable company and you have a bit of come back.

    After all, photography can be an expensive hobby like boats, planes and racehorses.
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    I'm using a Lexar Platinum II 8gb sdhc 200x class 10 in my Nikon D3100. Every time I try to make a video it automatically turns off my camera.
    Please help me to choose a compatible memory card for my camera.

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    @siddharth, does the card work for stills?

    I don't see anything odd about that card that would make it incompatible, though it can be hard to figure out sometimes. I think the D3100 should take all SD, SDHC and SDXC cards, and certainly 8 gigabytes is not so big. If I'm reading the specs right this should be just right for video on a D3100.

    If it works for stills, not for video, maybe try it on different video modes, to see if anything works.

    If it does not work for stills either, double check that the read-only switch did not get jiggled out of position. It's a mechanical switch, and on some cards it's a little loose and can be dislodged just putting it in.

    If there's nothing already on the card you need to save, you might try reformatting it in the camera.

    If nothing works, it might just be a bad card; rare, but certainly not unheard of. I've had one, a reputable one that should have worked fine, but randomly unformatted itself.

    edit to add:

    I tried the D3200 with card locked. It returned an error message and refused to do anything at all. I tried it with slot release both locked and unlocked with the same result. So, assuming the D3100 acts the same, scratch that.

    I tried it then with no card and slot release unlocked, so it will shoot with no card (but won't save). Video simply does nothing but does not go black. With the slot release lock on, nothing can be shot but the displays stay lit, so scratch that too.

    I think we're left with a bad card, assuming the battery is not seriously low. I don't know how video reacts when the battery goes low. A fresh charge would not hurt anyway.
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