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Custom White Balance

edited April 2013 Posted in » Canon T3i Forum
I followed your instruction on how to create a custom white balance (it was fun and interesting), but when would I need to use it?


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    You can use a custom white balance at any time. However, it is most useful for situations that are unlikely to change.

    For example, you want to photograph your coin collection and have either built or bought a display stand complete with some lights. You set up a custom white balance for this set-up and start photographing your collection.

    The following day you resume, and the day after that and so on. Presto, white balance is already set.

  • @frandurso - Like @PBked mentioned, you can use it whenever you're shooting in a similar setting. For example, if you take lots of shots inside your home, you can switch to your custom white balance anytime you go indoors to get accurate colors. If shooting outside, I'd stick with auto white balance. Happy shooting! :)
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    So if I don't like the colors of the pictures using Auto white balance, (like in my house) I can use my own custom white balance?
  • @frandurso - Yep, you can shoot in Auto WB for most situations, however, if your indoors under strong artificial light, you'll want to adjust your WB to Tungsten, Flourescent or set a Custom WB.
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    Hey guys! I shot some awesome stuff on video. After tinkering with the white balance, I would like to undo choosing custom white balance because I do not like the results! Help!
  • @MissNaja - Hmm...I know you can modify it after the fact when shooting RAW, but I don't think you can undo custom white balance in video. I'm not a video expert by any means, but I would think most post-production programs have a way to colorize or tint the recorded video. All the best!
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