Is raw affected by in-camera picture controls?

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Moose - I have a Nikon D3100 and I'm wondering if raw format is affected by in-camera picture control settings. I actually used raw+jpg fine, ADL off, picture control neutral and adobeRGB settings. In this case, do the in-camera picture control settings affect only jpg formt or raw too? Thanks for sharing your knowledge! - Enrique Richard


  • Howdy @chelonos - To my knowledge, picture control settings are recorded but not applied to NEF (RAW) images. Those settings can be used, altered or deleted when using CaptureNX 2. Other RAW programs won't use this data. So to answer your question, the picture controls will affect your JPG's, but not your RAW images...unless you're using CaptureNX 2. Happy shooting! :)
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    Thank you very much for your advise! - Enrique Richard
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