18-200mm Zoom Lens

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Is the 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G AF DX VR IF ED lens a good lens for my D3100? Does all the functions work with it? I like to shoot a little bit of everything from people to landscapes and everything in between. Right now I have the kit lens and I miss so many shots not having the zoom lens.


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    In your description the AF means auto focus, but if it does not say AF-S then it will not auto focus with the D3100. There is a big difference in price between lenses with or without the SWM (internal motor to control focus).

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    The 18-200mm works perfectly on the D3100. Just remember it has a 72mm filter size (your kit lens is 52mm) so you won't be able to use the camera's own flash that well.

    With an aperture of f/3.5-5.6 it's a pretty slow lens, but it has vibration stabilization which in this lens is great. The size is bit problematic indoors, but if you have enough space you will do okay.

    Many people say it's the perfect travel lens. Some reviews mention it's not at its best at widest or the max zoom but they are just pixel peeping.

    If you do regular photos of traveling, parties, people or animals you will be just fine. Personally I was thinking about the 18-200mm for an all purpose lens but then ended up getting 35mm f/1.8g and a used Tamron 70-300mm VC.

    I still might change to the 18-200mm VR. Tamron is a great lens, but I really don't need the zoom that much. When the 18-200mm feels too heavy and bulky just get the 35mm on and you'll have yourself a light setup for street photography.

    So, if you get a good price for the 18-200mm, go for it! It's Nikkor's most used lens so it keeps the value quite well. Also, notice there's no difference in older and newer versions of the lens.
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    Ken Rockwells preview of the lens (link)

    Images of the lens on the D3100 (link)

    DPReview is very critical on lenses, so the score is quite good (link).
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    So which lens would be better between the 18-200mm or 18-300mm? I'm new to DSLR and my D3100 will be here at the end of the week. I know I will need a zoom lens since I take a lot of landscape and wildlife pictures. I've been using a Nikon P510 which is a point and shoot with a 42x zoom. It has been great for zooming in on things.
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    The 18-300mm is very heavy; something to take into consideration. Earlier this month I ruled out the 18-300mm because of its weight and went instead with the 18-200mm. I consider it an excellent all-purpose lens, especially for travelling. I bought the 55-300mm when I bought my D3100 and use it when I particularly need the zoom. They each weigh about the same, but the 55-300mm is longer and therefore more awkward when walking around.
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    Yeah, I tested 18-300mm. It's way too big of a lens for the lightweight D3100. Go with the 18-200mm and add an prime lens 35-50mm f/1.8.
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