60D Image Sharpness Problem

I have had my 60D for about two years with the lenses from my old EOS film cameras. Last year I splashed out on the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS Mark 2 II USM lens and a Tamron B005 SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di-II VC LD Aspherical (IF). Neither of these lenses give me the sharpness I was hoping for, even shooting in RAW. I tried the old EOS lenses and the kit lens again, but all images are still not sharp enough. I have tried auto and manual focusing, but to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • i too have noticed some sharpness issues, BUT at what magnification are you reviewing your pics? if i view in Canon Digital Photo Pro, at fit to window, its crystal; at 50% its still very clear; at 100% i do start to get a little fuzzy.
    can you get an extremely sharp image at a high magnification?
    also, how sharp is your monitor?
    all food for thought.
  • After having the problem with the 60D I decided that I'd upgrade to the 70D.
    I'm having similar problems in that some shots are pin sharp, others not so.
    A suggestion may be the metering settings, so it could be an idea to do some test shots with all lenses on a similar subject such as a test card
  • I'm not entirely happy with the sharpness of images I get with my 60DS either. It did take a glancing knock on the front / side of the lens (15-85 EFS) a while back in Yosemite. I'm getting a bit more serious about my shots now and becoming more aware of this problem. I'll be setting the camera back to factory default then rebuilding the various settings from recomendations on this or other similar sites.
    But do I detect a possible underlying problem here that I've not been aware of or have people managed to get the desired sharpness and if so how?
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    I am having the same soft focus issues with my 60D and noticed an earlier comment adviising to have it "professionally looked over". I've had a hard time finding someone to do that for me - any ideas? Camera shops are reluctant and even my photography professional friends (I am seasoned amateur/artist) have been lukewarm at the idea even when I've told them I'd pay them for their time. I'm in the Boston area. Help!
  • Addendum to last comment: I've tried all above suggestions in this thread re: camera settings.
  • Just head over to Canon’s support site and contact them to find a way to get your camera serviced.
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    "Hi Guys. I have the same problem with my Canon 60D. Does not really focus on objects. Done tests on tripod, remote, good light and shutter speed 1/125 with still no focus even with my 50mm f/1.8 lens. Did anyone have any feedback from Canon for such issue?"

    UPDATE: I had my camera checked by Canon.
    ANSWER: all focusing and sharpness as per specification, no issue found. I have done a few more tests, and I'm still not too happy with produced sharpness even with prime lenses. Only suggestion I can give to others is do not use camera JPEG, use RAW. Camera's JPEG just smashes everything producing very sh@ty pictures. Looking to upgrade my camera to full frame (perhaps 6D) as I feel my demands are higher than what can be produced by 60D.
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    I have been into photography for over 40 years, eight professionally. I have attended countless photography courses and seminars. As I compare my photos over the years, I can generally tell which camera I was using. The Canon 60D has consistently produced soft images, despite all attempts at sharpness. No tripod, remote release, high shutter speed etc., has eliminated this problem. I am preparing to move away from this model, possibly for a Nikon product. I don't think I'm alone.
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    After reading all the threads about soft focus, I think it's time for us Canon 60D owners to face reality. The photo may not be pin sharp, but the limitation of this camera is. For those still in doubt, see the test results on DxO.com.
  • OMG, I'm so thankful to know I'm not loosing my mind. I've been racking my brain over soft or fuzzy images knowing my setting were correct. Over the weekend I bought a new lens and was so discouraged to see the same issues last night while going through the photos. Obviously a camera issue. Thanks for all the great information.
  • Hi, I've been having this same issue. Thanks to this thread it has confirmed why my photos come out so soft. So disappointing.
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