Changing the Shutter Speed on the D3100

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I am new to photography so still learning and have recently bought a Nikon D3100. I hear a lot about ISO, shutter speed and aperture. I know how to go into settings and change the ISO and the aperture, but I don’t know how to change the shutter speed. Is there a way of doing this or does the camera automatically change shutter speed when the aperture is amended? Thanks!


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    Hi @Custard - Assuming you have the mode dial set on M for manual...
    You change the shutter speed by turning the command dial on the right of the camera and change the aperture by holding down the Exposure Compensation button - on the top of the camera, with the +/- on it - and turning the same command dial.

    You can change ISO from the settings screen, as you mentioned, or the quick way is to set the Fn button to change the ISO directly. You do this in the Setup menu > Buttons > Fn button > ISO sensitivity. Then when you hold down the Fn button - on the left of the camera - and turn the command dial, the ISO changes up or down.
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    Hi @Robbo - Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it :-)
  • Thanks @robbo - As always, great advice and info. Happy shooting! :)
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