Issue with a Horizontal Line in Photos

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I'm having a problem with my Nikon D3100. My photos have a dark horizontal image above the picture when using a higher shutter speed like 1/100 all the way to 1/4000. I already tried to adjust the ISO, aperture, and the shutter speed. I also tried all of the other auto settings but they still have that horizontal line above the photos. The higher the shutter speed, the darker the horizontal line is, although the image below that line is normal. I think it may be the shutter blade's shadow. I also tried to take photos with flash on and flash off, but I got the same result. At 1/100 the horizontal line is not that visible, but it was there when I zoomed in.

Is there any way to fix this on my own?


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    This is a camera fault I believe. It's been an issue before if I rightly remember. If the camera is under warranty you'll have to send it off.
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    I had the same issue and it was a broken shutter curtain.
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    I'm still facing the same problem, and the camera is out of warranty, but I discovered a solution.
    When I'm using the live-view the dark horizontal line is gone,
    and as well as when im using Q mode (quiet mode).

    I think that the horizontal line on my D3100 is the mirror's shadow
    because I noticed that when I'm using the live-view and quiet mode the mirror will go down after the shutter curtain is closed. When I'm using single shot mode the mirror and shutter curtain move at the same time, so the mirror's slow movement is caught by the shutter and is seen on the photos.

    No problem with the shutter blade, it works just fine. It was a mirror issue. The mirror is moving slower than it should be.

    If you are having the same problem I suggest using either live view or quiet mode.

    You can use single shot mode without having this problem when you use the live view.

    If you want to use the view finder without having this horizontal line issue, use the quiet mode (Q).

    If this methods does not work on your Nikon D3100 you have a bigger problem, the shutter curtain.
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    I had an issue, but it was the cheap filter that was in my Best Buy kit.
  • This happening with me too...

    I'm using live view or quiet mode. And this work fine, I believe that Nikon must to open a recall to solve this issue.

    It's unbelievable !
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