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Is there a way to connect my Nikon D3100 to my IPhone to send my pictures?


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    Nothing offical yet. Currently the Nikon adpter is planned or set up for the D3200.

    Another route could be a wifi enable SD card maybe.
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    Interesting and thanks for the input. Man would that come in handy.
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    As Landon suggested there is a device called Eye-Fi but only problem is they only come in Class 6 and the the only option is the most expensive one if your like myself and shoot in RAW. They cost $99 (around £55) in the UK. They state you can take as many pictures as you like, as long as your near the Wi-Fi receiving device it's connected to.

    Do you own an ipad? If so, I have the camera connection kit for it and it works great when I'm out and about. Simply take the SD card out and pop into the ipad.
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    I wish there was some way to attach a cable to your camera directly into your iPad so you could see the photos immediately without removing your memory card.
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    With camera connection kit for iPad you have two options. You can put the USB directly from the camera to the iPad (you don't need to remove the card), or you can put the SD card into the iPad
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    I bought the Walmart 8gb eye fi card for $39.99 and it sends my D3100 images to my iPhone to edit! Dropbox will also do this, but you need the USB cord to your computer and to your camera. Dropbox erases camera info and shrinks your image. Eye fi keeps camera info and original size.
  • @dlm66 - Thanks for sharing your setup. :)
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    Transcend just came out with a class 10 16gb and 32gb wifi
    SDHC card.
  • Do you need special software to shoot tethered to your computer with your download lead?
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    "Transcend just came out with a class 10 16gb and 32gb wifi SDHC card."
    Have you tested it with D3100? I read somewhere that it is incompatible.

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    Does anyone know why the Transcend is so much cheaper than the EyeFi brand? Amazon has the Transcend brand, class 10, 16gb for $12 whereas the EyeFi brand with same specs is $70.
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    Never mind, I'm a dummy! I was looking at a non-wifi memory card, that's why it was so much cheaper.
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    I bought an eyefi card for $50 off amazon, and I love it! Put the app on my ipad mini and I can see the pictures as I shoot. Takes from 2-5 seconds to upload sometimes, but works even at around 50 feet. I'm very happy with it.
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    The photo transfer app will transfer your photos from your computer or flickr, then send your photos to your iPhone. Eye fi wifi card really works the best; I currently use both.
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    Could someone please confirm if the Eye Fi cards require a subscription to use it? I understand that they have an Eye Fi Wifi option but that doesn't seem to practical as you won't always have WiFi. I was looking at the Eye Fi Mobi and almost bought one on Amazon but I noticed on the Eye Fi website they say each card comes with a 90 day subscription. Does this mean if I bought the card from Amazon I would have to pay an extra fee similar to a mobile phone contract to use the SD card? Hoping someone on here has the Mobi card and can let me know. This is the exact wording on the website: "Includes 90 day membership to Eyefi Cloud service". Here is the link to the the Eye Fi website if you want more details to help answer my inquiry. I really fancy one of these cards, but I don't want to be paying every 90 days for the service. Hope this makes sense.


    Thank you in advance!
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    It's only the cloud storage service that has a subscription fee. That said, you should get the X2 Pro version rather than Mobi. It handles RAW files as well as JPG. I see no reason to get Mobi version when its defining feature is the cloud storage which you have to pay for. Flickr offers 1TB of storage for free. Why bother with paying for storage?

    Just to add: I personally use the X2 Pro card. Works brilliantly. No subscription fee (unless you want to pay for their cloud storage).

    With the X2 Pro, all images by default upload to Eye-fi View which is their own cloud storage. It’s free but with one major restriction: The images stay there for only 7 days before they’re automatically deleted. During those 7 days, you can view, share, and download the images as many times as you want. If you pay a subscription fee, you can remove that 7-day restriction. ($5/month or $50/year)

    The reason I think there’s no point in paying the subscription fee is because in Eye-fi View, you can set all uploaded images to then be automatically transferred to other third party services such as Flickr or Nikon Image Space. So it doesn’t matter after the 7 days are up because your images are already uploaded elsewhere.
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