Short battery life with the D3100

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I have used the D70 (no longer have it) and currently use the D90 and D3100. I have two batteries for the D3100. Both of them seem to last for a very short time. I do not shoot video or raw (unfortunately).

On more than one occassion I noticed that the camera froze on me. Had to remove the battery and re-insert it. My main concern now is that when I leave the battery inside the camera, lets say for a week, I find it half empty. When I remove the batteries from the camera and re-insert when in use, it seems that the battery life if much longer.

This kind of battery power loss didn't affect my old D70 or my current D90. What do you think the problem is? Both batteries are Original Nikon Batteries (EN-EL14). Your help is most appreciated.


  • I also got a second battery. Both recharged about 3-4 times. I hear that it takes about 5 recycles to reach optimum. Hoever I have discovered that there are different capacities, 1000, 1200, 1800. So it is worth checking. The question remains why my batteries seem to die so quickly, including the original I got with the camera in August. I must admit I have used Live Mode on occasions.
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    Howdy @jjp - Most likely the issue is tied to the 3" LCD screen on the D3100 when compared to the smaller 1.8" screen on the D70. If you use the LCD screen (rather than the viewfinder) to adjust settings and review images, then battery life is going to drop.

    In comparing the battery consumption between your D3100 and your D90...the D90 takes EN-EL3e batteries which have a capacity of 1500 mAh. The D3100 takes EN-EL14 batteries which have a capacity of 1030 mAh. So right off the bat, your D90 would have a longer battery life when compared to your D3100.

    In regards to removing your battery when not in use...generally speaking, when a lithium battery is engaged (battery contacts are touching camera contacts), power loss can occur at a quicker rate, however, if you're using your camera on a daily basis, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Hope that all makes sense. Happy shooting! :)
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