Software for viewing photo's 'live' & suitable cable

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Hello all,

I have a Nikon D3100.

I have an online shop and have to take photographs of most items. At the moment I find it very time consuming and frustrating when having to remove the memory card, put it in the computer and load the photos.

I know of software that lets the user view the photographs "live" on the computer (i.e, it appears on screen just after you take the shot), but does this type of software have a special name?

Anyway, I wondered if anyone could recommend some affordable software out there? And by affordable I mean free, ideally!

Also, what is the best cable suitable for connecting the camera to the computer to use such software? There was a cable bundled with the camera but it must be all of 30cm long, which is no where near long enough to be practical.

Thanks in advance,


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